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M Uncovering the Hidden Dangers in Geriatric Pharmacology iBook
The purpose of this book is to provide Healthcare Professionals and other caregivers with an overview of some of the concerns related to medications and older adults. The book is NOT intended to be an all inclusive reference. Instead, it is aimed at highlighting potential dangers of common medications...
M Learning with the Benefit of Technology iBook
My purpose in developing this book was to provide resources for faculty, educators, and others involved in training and development of adult learners regarding technology that can be used to support learning. Another goal was to include best known practices for teaching with the benefit of technology....
M DementiAssist Mobile App
This app was created to assist the person caring for a person with dementia (PWD). It contains the most common behavioral expressions by the PWD, possible causes, and suggested actions to take for the behavioral expression. How to approach a PWD and four (4) common trigger areas as possible causes...
M Nursing Research - Introduction
Nursing Research Lesson 1
M COPD Patient Medications
Explore the most commonly used medications, classes and effects.
LP COPD for Patients and Care Givers
The collection of content in this path leads to increased awareness of causes, treatment, tips for living well with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and many other useful insights to help yourself or others living with COPD.