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M DementiAssist Mobile App
This app was created to assist the person caring for a person with dementia (PWD). It contains the most common behavioral expressions by the PWD, possible causes, and suggested actions to take for the behavioral expression. How to approach a PWD and four (4) common trigger areas as possible causes...
LP COPD for Patients and Care Givers
The collection of content in this path leads to increased awareness of causes, treatment, tips for living well with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and many other useful insights to help yourself or others living with COPD.
M Ebola PPE information for the Health Care Professional
This module presents the current PPE Screening, donning, and doffing for the healthcare provider.
M Patient Education for Older Adults
Provides an overview of concepts and clinical practice implications related to patient education for older adults
M Resources Comprehensive Case Management
This module include a description of what comprehensive case management is, what it includes, when it can be helpful, and links to additional resources.
M Resources: Care for the Caregiver
This module covers causes and signs of caregiver stress, things others can do to help caregivers, and information about caregiver resources.