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M Breathing Techniques for Patients with COPD
Follow these techniques to ease your breathing and maintain lung function.
M Resources Health Insurance & the Older Adult
This module includes key points regarding Medicare, as well as other things to consider regarding health insurance for older adults (such as supplemental resources and long term care insurance).
LP COPD for Patients and Care Givers
The collection of content in this path leads to increased awareness of causes, treatment, tips for living well with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and many other useful insights to help yourself or others living with COPD.
M Resources_Long Term Care Ombudsman
This module describes what Long-Term Care Ombudsmen in the United States are, what they do to advocate for residents, and how to find a local ombudsman.
M Baylor Scott and White Nursing Vision
Innovation, Excellence, Unwavering Compassion, Advocacy, Learning, Leadership and Partnerships
M Charge Nurse Development, Take Charge - Take Flight for Classroom Use
Narrated by Mallory Piaschyk, MSN, RN - This is presented for classroom use with current charge nurses.