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Dementia poster.pdf Printable poster with overview of dementia types View
Dementia Part1: What is it? An overview of dementia and types of dementia. This provides a global look at the disease, symptoms, and parts of the brain affected. View
Dementia Part 3: Stages of Alzheimers In this module we examine the stages of Alzheimer&39s and behaviors you may see as the disease progresses. Remember that symptoms of the disease are a result of the part of the brain affected. Subsequent modules will provide caregiver tips to help deal with some of these behaviors. View
Dementia Part 2: Alzheimers disease In this module you will learn about Alzheimer&39s Disease (A.D.) onset, diagnosis, progression, and medical management. Alzheimer&39s accounts for 60% of the dementias. Many of the symptoms we will discuss may be seen in other types of dementia. View
Dementia Behaviors and Triggers Observations and queues View